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The team behind tRackIT Systems came together as part of the LOEWE Project Nature 4.0 | Sensing Biodiversity and has made significant contributions to networked sensor technology for sustainable species protection and the safeguarding of ecosystem functions in this research project.

Jannis Gottwald

Jannis has been working independently in the area of environmental impact assessments since 2011. While studying geography, he was able to professionalize his knowledge and investigate the spatial use of bats with the help of automatic radio telemetry. He received his doctorate in December 2022 in the Environmental Informatics working group at the Department of Geography at the Philipps University of Marburg. At tRackIT Systems, his task is to link the domain of environmental protection, user proximity, practical applicability and technical implementation.

Patrick Lampe

After studying computer science, Patrick began his scientific career in the Distributed Systems Group. He has conducted research on interruption-tolerant networks and environmental monitoring. He has made contributions to automatic radio telemetry, automated non-lethal moth traps and the automatic detection of bird species based on bird calls. His role at tRackIT Systems is the operational management of the company.

Jonas Höchst

Jonas discovered the challenges of digitalization in the field of biodiversity and nature conservation as part of his work in the Nature 4.0 project. As part of his doctoral studies in computer science, he researched the use of sensor data to improve the quality of services and algorithms in the field of distributed systems. His particular focus was on the practical applicability of the solutions, especially with real installations and under real conditions. Jonas heads up the Technical Development department at tRackIT Systems and continues to develop the methods and technologies used.

Christian Birk

After studying electrical engineering and information technology, Chris studied Physics at the Philipps University of Marburg and supported the team as a student assistant during the Nature 4.0 project. At tRackIT Systems, he is responsible for the development and design of hardware components. His tasks range from the selection of components, PCB layout and validation using prototype software to preparing the production of small quantities.

Melina Morch

Melli is a Master’s student in Computer Science and Cultural Data Studies at the Philipps University of Marburg. She has been developing full-stack apps and websites for various university and industrial projects since her bachelor’s degree in business informatics. At tRackIT Systems, her task is to develop the mobile app EcoHub Field with a focus on optimal usability in the field.

Tobias Petschinka

Tobi has a background in species conservation and has worked in practical nature conservation for the Landesbund für Vogel- und Naturschutz (LBV) and contributed to the protection of the Eurasian curlew. There he got to know the technology for automatic telemetry and used it to make the project a success. At tRackIT Systems, he is responsible for the management of nature conservation projects and takes care of project planning and realization in consultation with associations and research institutions.