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tRackIT Systems is an environmental service provider that offers a complete package of rented sensor technology, real-time data visualization and pre-evaluation of the incoming data through to the final evaluation in the form of report-ready graphics for the respective recording season in nature conservation projects, scientific studies and species recording as part of intervention procedures.

In detail, the services are structured as follows:

  • Provision of sensor technology for automatic radio telemetry of bats, birds and other animal species
  • Provision of sensor technology for the automatic acoustic detection and in-situ classification of birds (prototype)
  • Provision of a customer-specific cloud server instance on which the data is received and visualized in real time
  • Provision of an easy-to-use database interface for the standardized collection of project data
  • Provision of data analysis products for reports and publications
  • Free training for all customers in the operation of the software and hardware
  • Consulting for successful project realization